Babies in Motion (6 – 12 Months w/Adult Participation)

Babies in Motion is a 30 minute class that utilizes movement, play, and active exploration to help develop your baby’s body and brain and is free for children ages 6 – 12 months old.  Our lesson plans incorporate massage, exercises, and special activities to engage your child’s love of play while nurturing and fostering brain development in areas of balance, cross patterning, visualization, vestibular stimulation, laterality, and fine and gross motor skills.  This will enhance your baby’s body awareness, tummy time, movement, and early language skills while strengthening your parent-child connection. Once a child begins to walk confidently, they’re eligible to be transferred to a Tiny Tumblers 1 class!  Tiny Tumblers tuition will be prorated based on classes missed. Once they turn 12 months old, they will be charged the tuition for our Tiny Tumblers class.

Babies in Motion Classes are FREE until the child turns 12 months old


Tiny Tumblers is a 40 minute adult participation class for confident walkers that introduces your child to the wonderful world of movement.  Using preschool equipment and gymnastics apparatus, your child will experience swinging, jumping, running, and balancing in a highly supportive and low-frustration environment.  These classes combine an exploratory component and fun obstacle courses designed explicitly for our toddler gymnasts—one adult per child. No exceptions. 

When your child turns 3, they have two options:

  1. If they aren’t ready for an independent class, they can join our Tiny Tumblers 3 class.
  2. If they’re ready for an independent class, they can join a Gymstars 1 class.

Spring Tuition is $114/installment billed in 5 equal payments or pay in full, $530

Summer Tuition is $238 and the only option is to pay in full

Fall Tuition is $106/installment billed in 5 equal payments or pay in full, $504