Our instructors, coaches and management team are what makes Planet Gymnastics amazing!   Our programs each have a manager overseeing the curriculum, staff, and gymnasts specific to that level, which allows us to provide an expert personal touch.  Every year, our program managers attend national training offered through USA Gymnastics, where they meet with others nationwide to learn and share current trends in the industry. USA Gymnastics has invited Planet Gymnastics staff to speak at both Regional and National Congresses to share the unique and innovative concepts Planet Gymnastics has developed.

All managers and instructors are USAG Safety Certified and hold a:

  • USAG Professional Development Certification
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • NCSI Background Check 

Feel free to contact any of our managers at their email addresses.

Our Management Team

Miss Nicole is our General Manager. She has a small background in gymnastics as a child and a more extensive knowledge of cheerleading which she participated in for over ten years. Planet Gymnastics was Nicole’s first official job in 2014. She has experience in every department in the facility, from Preschool and School-Age classes, Developmental, and Tiny Tumblers classes to coaching the Bronze competitive Gymnastics Team. She’s dipped her toes in the maintenance department and has spent many years working in the office. She managed Swim and Gym for about four years before handing it off when accepting her new position. She can still be seen teaching in the gym and occasionally in the office. Email her at nicolem@planetgym.com

Mr. Nick is one of our Operations Managers. While Nick does not have a gymnastics background, his extensive experience with children in both academic and theatrical settings has served him well at Planet Gymnastics. Nick graduated from The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California, and has been actively involved in theater both onstage and behind the scenes for the last three decades. He also stays active within the independent film community.  His ability to keep the children engaged and entertained when they attend his classes is paramount to his success. Nick has flourished as a gymnastics instructor over his years here and is one of our prime instructors. In the past, you may have seen him working in the office and the gym. His responsibilities as Operations Manager are mainly overseeing all office operations, scheduling classes and staff shifts, amongst many other tasks! Email him at nickm@planetgym.com

Mr. Gary is one of our Operations Managers and head of the Shining Stars Adaptive PE Program. He attended the University of Maine, Orono, and received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Physical Education K-12. Gary taught Physical Education, Health Education, Adapted Physical Education, and Adventure Education for over ten years at the RFK Children’s Action Corp. Lancaster School. As an Operations Manager, he oversees all facility maintenance, including Little Flippers, and he’s an integral part of our management team. He has managed the Shining Stars (Adapted PE) Program at Planet Gymnastics since 2007. Email him at garyc@planetgym.com.

Miss Lisa is our Preschool, Tiny Tumblers, and Babies in Motion Program Manager. She graduated from the University of Hartford with a BS in Human Services and a minor in Psychology. Physical fitness and athletics have always been important to her. She started working at Planet Gymnastics in 1997. Lisa was invited to speak at the 2004 USAG National Congress held in Anaheim, California, and the 2004 USAG Regional Congress held in Newton, MA. Her presentation was entitled: “Who’s in Charge Anyway? Creative Approaches to Co-Teaching a Parent-Child Program”. Lisa has two wonderful children and two grand pups! Email her at lisab@planetgym.com.

Miss Mandy has been our School Age Program Manager at the gym since 1997! She started assisting gymnastics classes at the age of 16 and stayed with it since. Mandy has worked with USAG Junior Olympic Team and recreational, preschool, and Tiny Tumblers classes. Mandy makes it a priority for all athletes in the School Age program to leave class feeling like they have accomplished something by incorporating many opportunities in each gymnast-level lesson plan.  She has four children between 25 and 33 and a handful of wonderful grandchildren! Email her at mandya@planetgym.com.

Miss Wendy is our Competitive Gymnastics Team Manager. Her background includes gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. She was a USAG competitive gymnast for twelve years and a competitive dancer for ten. She has been a head coach for 17 years, coaching preschool and school-age classes, developmental teams, tumbling, and cheerleading. Wendy took over the Planet Gymnastics competitive team program in 2008. She has certifications in all aspects of the sport and continuously learns new and updated information about the USAG competitive program. You can occasionally find Wendy working with our Rocket Cheer cheerleading team too! She has two girls who have grown up at the gym; one is currently employed with Planet Gymnastics! Email her at wendya@planetgym.com.

Miss Gina is our Rocket Cheer Program Manager. The program started in 2006. She has her bachelor’s degree in Sport Fitness and Leisure Studies from Salem State College. She brings well over 20 years of cheerleading experience to the Rocket Cheer program as a coach, a competitor, and a choreographer. Gina has certifications with USA Gymnastics and the United States All-Star Federation. She always strives to stay current on current rules and regulations. Rocket Cheer has several State and National titles and multiple appearances at the Cheerleading Summit in Orlando, FL Gina has one child who is a current gymnast and cheerleader at Planet Gymnastics.  E-mail her at ginan@planetgym.com.

Miss. Shahan is our Training and Yoga Manager. She has an extensive background in gymnastics, with over 30 years as an athlete and coach. She graduated from the Isenberg School of Management with an MBA in business management. Shahan has been certified in teaching yoga since 2015. At the gym, Shahan can also be found coaching both preschool and school-age athletes and our Xcel Bronze Prep team. She works with all employees to ensure everybody is up to date with the training provided by USA Gymnastics. She also is responsible for coordinating management and non-management to attend the Annual USA Gymnastics Congress to expand individuals’ gymnastics knowledge. Emler her at shahanh@planetgym.com