Planet Ninja Warrior class info:

Each class starts with an interactive cardio warmup. Ninjas are then divided into groups based on abilities. Each group heads to an area in the gym to learn the skills of the week using a variety of skill-specific stations and obstacles. Ninjas practice various types of vaulting, swinging, climbing, jumping, and tumbling.  Our Ninja Warrior Training Area was constructed to enhance our ninjas’ upper-body strength through a unique set of power-based obstacles. This area includes pegboards, rows of hanging rings, hanging platforms, ropes, monkey  bars, and a salmon ladder, among other obstacles. During the last quarter of class, certain skill-specific stations are combined into an obstacle course. Ninjas apply their knowledge and previous practice of the new skills to conquer the course. All classes are 1 hour. Tuition is $225 for the 10-week session or $50/ month.

Ninja Stars (5-7 y/o) & Ninja Warriors (7-10 y/o)

Ninja Stars offer our youngest ninjas challenging obstacles that are carefully designed for beginners. Ninja Warriors allows older ninjas who are just starting to gain a basis of the primary skills before advancing to a more challenging class. We introduce the concept of fluidity and how to connect various skills within obstacle courses. There is a strong focus on developing the basics of landing correctly, rolling, vaulting, and body control in both classes. The goal is for our Ninja Stars and Ninja Warriors to build a strong foundation of fundamental skills to prepare them for the next level. 

Extreme Ninja Warriors (8-12 y/o)

Extreme Ninja Warriors is a faster-paced class that challenges our advanced ninjas with more complex obstacle courses. Ninjas explore different ways to create skill combinations while maintaining a continuous movement. There is also a stronger focus on mastering flips. Ninjas will travel through obstacles with mind-blowing fluidity!

Teen Ninja Warrior Mastery (12+ y/o)

Teen Ninja Warrior Mastery is for our oldest ninjas and uses a modern approach in technology to enhance the overall class experience. Ninjas may create a skills video portfolio and choose certain skills to be video-recorded. The clips will be spliced together at the end of the session into personal ninja movies that ninjas get to keep! Ninjas may sign up for these classes even if they wish to not create a video portfolio.

Fall Ninja Dates: 9/7, 9/21, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30, 12/14, 1/4, 1/18