We ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to class time. Every class begins with a warm-up period which is important and necessary for every student. It provides physical and mental preparation for a class and, when performed completely,can help prevent injuries. 

Parent responsibilities:

Before Class – Parents should accompany young children to the bathroom before class. Upon arrival, students should store their shoes and outdoor attire in the cubbies provided. Please do not leave them on the bleachers or around the lobby. All parents must watch their children before class and their siblings during the lesson. Parents and siblings are not allowed in the party rooms or mini gym.

In Observation Area – Children are not to run or tumble in the lobby, and can not go into the gym without an instructor. Parents are required to supervise their children in the facility if they are not in class. Planet Gymnastics does not offer bathroom assistance so please consider staying in the lobby during class especially for younger children.

After Class – At Planet Gymnastics, we believe as a parent your #1 responsibility is to be supportive of your child. Show your child that you believe he/she is a great person and trying his/her best is what is most important. If you are routinely late picking up your child, we may suggest exploring an alternative class time to better match your schedule. We reserve the right to charge a fee for late pick ups that negatively affects our staff’s schedule. We do not guarantee direct supervision for your child when not picked up on time.

Upon entering we are going to ask for an acknowledgment of a set of questions. Like, Have you or someone in your household had any symptoms of COVID 19? Has anyone traveled to an outside area with a higher rate of infection? Has anyone been overseas? Or has anyone in your household been asked to be quarantined by a health official?  We want the answer to these questions all to be NO. By keeping those with symptoms out of our building the safer we all will be. Next, a staff member will take temperatures, attendance, and give out hand sanitizer. We will now have a one-way traffic pattern within the facility.  We have rerouted the exit and after class, we will be escorting students to the new exit, out the front doors of 7 Strathmore.  Please notice all of our new signage and directional signs within the gym. If you are picking up your child, please meet at the front doors of 7 Strathmore after class.

Parent reminders:
  • Parents are not allowed in the gym except for Parent & Child classes. Adults are never allowed on any equipment – no exceptions.
  • Planet Gymnastics is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, broken, or left behind. Due to health and safety reasons, we will no longer provide a Lost & Found.
  • Per the Natick Board of Health, NO SMOKING is allowed in or near our facility.
  • Use extra care when driving through our parking lot. Watch for small children, drive slowly, and yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  • There are no pets allowed in the facility (exception for service animals).
  • Although we want to encourage exercising at home, we do NOT encourage tumbling at home. DO ask your child what they are doing in class, but never spot skills you are not trained to. DO practice safe stretching and safe strength building. We would be happy to share ideas and pointers for safe home exercising.
  • We encourage communication between parents and teachers. Get to know your child’s teacher and understand that most communication will be through email.
  • Please bring your own water bottles.  For the time being, Planet Gymnastics will no longer let children drink from common water fountains. Be sure to label your bottles.
  • All persons over two years old must wear a mask in the facility at all times.  Participants in the gym must wear their mask unless their instructor deems it unsafe for a particular activity.  If allowed by their instructor, a student may place their mask in a plastic bag for the remainder of the activity.  Once the activity is finished, they must wear their mask.  The student’s mask must be worn after class and while exiting the facility.  Plastic bags will be provided by Planet Gymnastics staff.  Anyone who does not have something to cover their mouth should see someone in the office.
  • More Health & Safety information can be found at Health and Safety Protocols
Child injury and illness:

Please inform us of any physical or medical information regarding your child that would be relevant to his/her success in class (information is kept confidential). IF your child cannot attend class due to an injury, a doctor’s note may be required to return (and is required for any qualifying payment adjustments).


We are fortunate to have such a qualified team here at Planet Gymnastics. Our coaches are specifically selected and trained to safely bring out the best in each child. Planet Gymnastics coaches are USA Gymnastics Safety certified as well as First Aid and CPR certified. All staff participate in training, clinics, and seminars to further their teaching abilities. Finally, all Planet Gymnastics staff have access to the staff library which contains a wealth of information on the latest training techniques and theories of child development.

Facility cleanliness:

We have always followed CDC cleaning protocols and those set out by other health professionals and authorities.  We also use the CDC recommended cleaning products. The facility will be wiped down throughout the day as families come and go every 30 minutes, including high traffic areas and all door handles, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.  Gym equipment will be cleaned before, during, and after classes. Disinfecting wipes will continue to be available throughout the facility and in the gym. We have teamed up with Enviro-Master, a commercial cleaning and sanitizing company.  Cleaning by our professional agency will continue and, as always, they will use commercial-grade cleaning supplies approved by the CDC.  Additional deep cleans will be utilized as needed or recommended. As always, our facility is cleaned nightly by a local cleaning service.


We encourage communication between parent and teacher. Get to know your child’s teacher and understand that most communication will be through email. Please make sure we have your current e-mail address on file. We do not provide your e-mail address to any outside company.


Planet Gymnastics is recognized by USA Gymnastics as a Member Club. As the national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the US, we follow their recommendations for safety, curriculum, and staff certification.

Safe Sport Policy:

Planet Gymnastics of Natick strictly abides by all policies and procedures set forth by the Center for SafeSport which can be found at www.safesport.org. All individuals, regardless of membership in USA Gymnastics, are encouraged to report suspected violations of the Center’s SafeSport Code. They can be reported directly to USA Gymnastics by email to safesport@usagym.org or by phone at (720) 524-5640. All Members of USA Gymnastics are required to report suspected SafeSport Code violations related to or accompanying sexual misconduct.