Gym Girls 1, Gym Girls 1 Plus and Gym Girls 2 (ages 6 – 11)

A 50 minute class with a low student/teacher ratio with repetitive basics to build a strong foundation. Basic gymnastics progressions on bars, beams, vault, tumbling, and trampoline will be the focus. Safety training, body position, strength, and flexibility will all be emphasized. The benefit of this class will be enhanced physical development while experiencing a good feeling about oneself. 


Gym Girls 3 (age 11 and older)

Exclusively for 11 years and up, Gym Girls III is geared to both the beginner and intermediate gymnast. Following our regular Gym Girls curriculum, this class is perfect for older girls looking to experience all that the sport of gymnastics can offer. A 50 minute class that will help build strength, flexibility and confidence.