Schedule a Makeup Class

You have several options for on line scheduling of your make up.

Option #1

You may reserve a space in one of our designated Make Up classes. The Make Up classes that are offered are specific to the existing level of the student, however their primary instructor is not guaranteed. You may register one week in advance.

Register for Preschool Ages 3-6 Coed Makeup Classes:

Register for School Age Girls Ages 6-12 Makeup Classes:

Option #2

You may reserve a space in a class where we have an opening due to unsold space. The space availability of this option will vary and is not guaranteed. You may register one week in advance. Advanced registration is required. To register for Make up option#3
A) Consult our list of class offerings. Look for the class level you need.
B) Look for any class on the list having 1 to 5 openings.
C) Send an email request to to REQUEST the space.
D) Wait for a confirmation email. The office will send an email to confirm your request. You will not be confirmed until your see your request confirmed in your customer portal.


Option #3

You may register for a make up opportunity that has become available due to advanced notice of an absence. As someone reports an absence, we update our class records to show the make up opportunity. To register you will need to call to request the space. Contact the office to ask for make up opportunities due to a reported absence. NOTE: These opportunities are limited and can change at any time.

Option #4

You may reserve a space in an Open Gym. This is an opportunity for participants who need to schedule make-up classes but can not do our other options. For participants ages 3 & under, a parent must be present in the gym with them – one parent per child. Participants 3 & older do not have to have an adult with them in the gym. This will not be a structured class, however our equipment will be set up with lesson plan circuits. Only children with marked absences will be allowed to participate in open gym. Everyone must register online for this event. You may register one week in advance.

Register for Open Gym